IWant2Network Popular Locations

IWant2Network brings business-minded people together for professional networking all over in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world – and our list of must-have destinations is growing all the time. Take a look at some of the locations where our members are hosting networking groups, right now.




London City

The UK’s capital is considered as the business capital of Europe, hosting more global or regional headquarters than any other European city. Its financial hub, known as the City of London, is a focal point for business and, as a result, for professional networking groups. Popular meeting locations include Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Monument and St Paul’s.

London Central

At the heart of the UK’s biggest city is a thriving commercial centre, famed for retail, the arts and blue-chip business. You’ll find a huge range of professional networking groups of all sizes, hosting meetings in high-end areas of London such as Mayfair, Victoria and Knightsbridge.

London North

Known unofficially as London’s intellectual quarter, the busy northern end of the UK’s capital city is hive of high-level business networking groups. Meetings take place in a variety of locations including Hampstead, Muswell Hill and Golders Green.

London South

London is one of the busiest cities in the world and its leafy south side is no exception. Here you’ll find a huge number of business networking groups aimed at busy professionals, meeting in top-end locations such as Richmond, Clapham and Kingston.

London East

East London is developing at record speed, with entrepreneurs and start-up businesses leading the way, and this growth is reflected in the number of professional networking groups to be found in this part of the capital. Take your pick from locations such as Wanstead, Shoreditch and Hackney.

London West

One of the smartest – and richest – parts of the UK’s busy capital, the west side of London is also a go-to destination for professional networking groups. From Kensington and Chelsea to Westminster, you’ll easily find a meeting to suit your business needs.


The UK’s gateway to Europe is also one of the busiest locations for networking groups outside of London. Business-minded individuals attend professional networking meetings in a variety of high-end locations, including Ashford and Sevenoaks.


Located on the edge of the City of London, Essex makes the most of its links to the UK’s financial centre, as well as developing its own reputation as a business hub. Professional networking groups hold meetings in areas such as Basildon, Braintree, Chelmsford and Southend.


Sussex has long been a magnet for business people who want to escape city life, and this is reflected in the number of high-end networking groups that take place in the county. Popular locations for professional meetings include Crawley, Hastings and Brighton, nicknamed London-on-Sea.


Bristol is considered the fastest growing city in the UK outside of London, and its professional networking industry is developing at a similar pace. Business networking groups host meetings at several central locations including Avonmouth and Ashley Downs.

Manchester City

Often described as being at the forefront of a new ‘northern powerhouse’, Manchester’s growth is being driven by huge investment, creating new jobs and business opportunities across the region. And the number of professional networking groups is growing to match, with meetings being held across the city, including Bolton, Stockport and Farmworth.





With its unique role as a bridge between the UK and Europe, Ireland is set to become even more important as a global business centre as Brexit approaches. The country hosts a range of professional networking groups in the capital and beyond, with meetings taking place in Dublin, Bullsbridge and Grand Canal Quay.


Europe’s historical and cultural centre is also the world’s professional networking hub, with more networkers here per capita than any other country. As result, the country offers a vast amount of business networking groups to choose from, with meetings being hosted in cities including Rome, Florence and Milan.


With Madrid boasting a flourishing tech scene, and the Spanish language growing in importance across the globe, Spain is becoming a top choice for business networking. As well as the busy capital city, professional networking groups have regular meetings in Barcelona, Malaga and Grenada.





The USA is the largest economy in the world in terms of GDP, and is famed for its entrepreneurial spirit. No coincidence, then, that it also holds the global record for the highest number of professional networkers. Blue-chip meetings are held at business hubs across the country, including New York, Silicon Valley and Washington.


Singapore is seen by many as the gateway to Asian innovation, a modern transportation hub with a vibrant economy, supported by multinational businesses. As a result, the number of networking groups is rocketing, with professional meetings taking place in Sin Ming and Little India.